Warbirds Over the Rockies 2011

  • DSC_230209
    John Dussold is quickly becoming the "official" photographer for Best Pilots! We had the pleasure of John accompaning us to Ft. Collin's CO, and Warbirds over the Rockies, where he took some great shots of the action. He would have taken more, but Steve Forrest and I kept him busy spotting for us and John also did some flying as well. Enjoy!

Formation Flying

  • Crow & Kitty Bomber Field 09
    Flying formation with RC Aircraft. Flying formation is challenging in an aircraft when you are sitting in it, try to do it from the ground and you better have excellent depth perception and a great wingman!

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May 15, 2011


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Rick Daugherty

I spent many hours of my art college days wandering the sculpting rooms after hours. The cloth covered figures were eerie. Seeing your sequential photos of Sailor mirrors that eeriness. OUTSTANDING work when a grape-sized head can emote so much feeling! Great work. Great article. Thanks!

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